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Gaining Top Page Visibility in Search Engines

January 26, 2009

My new business specializes in decorated paper goods such as notepads, personal journals, calenders and more. Our customers enjoy the designs and use our products for “Thank You “notes, small gifts and for use in their offices.  How do we set up a system in which our website is one of the first listings when prospective customers type in keywords such as “stationary, decorated paper goods” into search domains such as or Yahoo?

Agent-cy:  There are two ways you can gain top page visibility in the major search engines and both of those ways need to be balanced.  One is paid search, where you pay for visbility, where you can create ads and related text and drive interested searches to landing pages on your web site.  This requires payment of media and management of the campaign(s).  Management can be extensive and requires some expertise in managing bids, ads, creative, placement and more.  The primary form of this is Google AdWords, which you can search on for instructions.

The other is Natural Search or SEO – this is how well your website has been developed and content written so that the search engines can find your site and related pages for inclusion in natural listings.  Further, SEO results are derived from how well your site is referred to by other relevant and qualified websites. Most of this can be accomplished through an effective Online PR program, where interesting content has been developed that publishers in your field, “Paper Goods and Stationery” would benefit from including in their site content to their readers. Agent-cy is heavily involved in making this happen for our clients, as this type of work drives the highest online brand awareness and qualified traffic.

As a general rule, searches click 80% of the time on Natural; 20% on Paid. Paid is important in protecting your brand, running seasonal promotions and driving interest around a specific product or service.  Natural Search placement is important for brand awareness as well as for ensuring that when prospects are doing their research, they begin to become familair with your brand and your web site.

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