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Pricing Your Product or Service

January 28, 2009

How should my business let customers know the prices of our products?  Is is it wise to place the price next to photos or descriptions of the product or is it better to create a separate link to prices?

Agent-cy: It depends on your level of product.  In the case of couture brands like luxury goods, sometimes it may not make sense to even have a price mentioned as you may using the web to drive interest around the look of the product and the sale is more a solution than a transaction.  This also applies for professional services companies.  If you are selling a mass, transactional, consumer product or service, yes you want to display the price, but tour best bets are to first display the image in thumbnail and enlarged position, then display the product with price and compare it to other sites (tools online to do that) and make sure your product description drives an action.  You should also be thinking of how you can cross-sell with other relevant products in your inventory.

Agent-cy has helped companies such as Diamonds International ( come up with ways to drive interest and then conversion of a sale by editing product content and enabling ways of personalizing the consumer shopping experience.

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