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Optimism for the Economy

February 8, 2009

After attending two Marketing conferences back to back — SmallBizTechnology Summit, Ramon Ray and Marian Banker in NYC last week and then Online Marketing Summit, Aaron Khalow, Business Online, in San Diego, I have a new found optimism for the economy.  Attendees on both sides were up since last year.  Both had keynotes which addressed changes in online marketing and the economy.  Essentially, the message was the same — there is hope — and that is through smart web marketing.  Understanding conversion metrics better and focusing on serving the best customer service are equally important.  Furthermore, as both had a strong focus on B2B, an area where Agent-cy strongly plays in (80% of our current client base).  It seems that going back to face-face meetings is more popular than ever. Team work between client and vendor, in effect, related partnerships, are essential in this poor economy to ensure web marketing success. Attendees on both sides seemed to support it!

This optimism for the new economy and that strength for me was very important. In the last week, I have witnessed friends’ layoffs and an overall freeze in small business market spending.  Overall, I echo the sentiment expressed by many of my peers, that the time to market (brands) is now and those who are fearful because of the recession to open their wallets will lose out (market share) post-recession.

To that end, on the plane home this morning, I drew up plans to offer small businesses everywhere, a DVD series for step-by-step instructions on how to leverage the web NOW to grow brand awareness and sales. In the meantime (during DVD development), I will continue to help those suffering from lost sales by offering small business training at affordable pricing every other Monday in our offices.

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