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Women Business Owners Congregate at the CountMeIn/Make Mine a Million Contest Launch

February 13, 2009

Early this morning I jumped out of bed (5 a.m. to be exact) with excitement to head to the launch event for the AMEX/ / Make Mine a Million Race for Women Business Owners, where this year, Agent-cy is working smart to reach its revenue goals and growth.  The event hosted experts in three categories: finance, business coaching and general marketing. The event was a great success and was held at Sam’s Club in NJ, where CountMeIn has a national partnership. The contest or race is to inspire collaboration amongst women business owners and I am glad to see this happen.

By joining, Agent-cy is committed to turning off all TVs, radios and websites which try to poison us and our clients, as well as, prospects regarding the doom of the economy.  Since the recession began, I don’t think I have been busier!

Agent-cy’s staff has grown with some smart, talented and connected young professionals.  Our small business training has gained great interest (offered every Monday evening from 6-8PM in our offices).  Contact for details.  Also, we are in the midst of re-designing our web site with our chosen agency,

I encourage all women business owners to take part in this race and forget about the media and Wall Street for a moment. It is our time to shine! For details on the race, join at and let the games begin!

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