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Agent-cy answer for agencies, fallen clients and the economy

February 16, 2009

When my family asked me a month ago, is the economy affecting your business? I optimistically said, “No!”. Well, now I see they are right. It is unfortunate that the government and the media have scared people out of marketing their businesses, when, ironically, the time to market is now! Many clients have gone “on hold” due to lost business on their end and the lost business and lost jobs has become cyclical and quite horrifying. Still, we push on and try to accommodate businesses by offering training and project-based work just to get them to next level. And so, as I have always said, I would rather collaborate than compete and now I implore all independent agency owners that find themselves spending more time marketing their own business than their clients to contact Agent-cy and see how we can get through this together.  My mission has always been to grow the independent agency world and provide a high-level of this service to the SMB (Small, Mid-Sized Businesses) market. The time to act is now. So, if you are an agency owner and are interested in making it past this tough time and coming out as a leader on the other end, join with me and let’s make it happen! -Jasmine @ Agent-cy

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