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AdSense and AdWords.. What is it?

February 22, 2009

I’ve heard of advertising on Google to get sales online. I heard of Adsense and Adwords. What are they and how do I know what to spend and what to do?

Yes, advertising on Google CAN be a good idea for your business.  How you advertise, what you spend and how you manage it successfully (which we call optimization) has everything to do with your type of business, saturation of your marketplace (in Search), and popularity of category (in Search).  Google Adwords is the program in which you would advertise. Here you can advertise with targeted Search ads (text) or through their placement network where you can deliver banner ads, text ads, videos and even gadget ads based on user behavior and targeted content (or keywords).  Google AdSense is the publisher-advertiser network that serves those placement ads. If you are a publisher (online media company) or large advertiser (online retailer) you can take advantage of AdSense based on your volume (popularity) of your site or value of your products (if you are an advertiser). In either case, the importance of effective management is essential.  Especially if you are new to AdWords, you want to make sure you bid effectively (right amount and for keywords around your brand and around when people are ready to buy). You may ask, well how do you know how to do this? This comes from experience and testing. Agent-cy has managed Paid Search Marketing(similar to Adwords) and Affiliate Marketing (similar to adsense) for dozens of small and mid-sized clients over the last several years. There are online tutorials at The Google Learning Center via or if you have further questions on this subject, please send a note to us at subject: Help with Search Marketing.

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