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To all you Small Business Owners out there!

February 27, 2009

I own and run a small business that helps other small businesses reduce their time to manage and reduce their outsourcing costs for online marketing.  Now, what about me? Well, one day in working with my old business coach, Marian Banker, Prime Strategies, I was asked to write down what I did myself and what my people did. Holy Moly!!!!!!!!! “What do I do,” I asked.  LOL as they say in AOL old school lingo or LMAO (laughing my a** off), which my assistant just taught me.  I do just about everything!! I manage the finances, handle the sales, handle the marketing, handle the PR, manage my staff, manage my freelancers, manage the clients, manage the partners of the clients, manage the landlord, manage my commute and what else?

God, do I need a vacation!!!!  Even with a great team, we all know as small business owners, building the right team and disseminating all the tasks (98%) to everyone else, so you know the business owner can finally relax, takes a LOT of time!  So, what is the answer?  Patience + The Right Team + a great advisory board and Outsource as much as you possibly can to the vendors who are the right fit for your business. I am becoming an expert at even that!

Yesterday, at lunch with a developer colleague, I was told, “Wow, Jasmine you are great at Project Management!”  I said yes and I wish I didn’t have to be!  In other words, what should I be doing?  Education, helping our clients grow – period. Let someone who loves the #’s manage them and someone who loves details manage them and so forth. I am getting there but it takes, as I said, patience, a whole lot of Tony Robbins tapes and encouragement from my boyfriend, who has more patience than Ghandi I think! (By the way, he owns a GREAT personal training business on Bowery and has a just awesome women’s boxing class for those of you like me (I am a master boxer) who love to get your stuff out with your gloves on!  Visit for special offers and deals.

Anyway, if any of you would like to pick my brain on the blog about my best practices and how I still have my health and some sanity and in owning a business, comment!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend :).

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