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What is the best way to get readers for your blog?

March 4, 2009

Often times people ask me, “Jasmine, what is the best way to get readers to my blog?”  My answer is this:  first, you must have compelling and interesting content that comes from either your expertise related to your field of work or your opinions on matters of interest to your audience, or best – both! Then once you have ample content, you want to reach out to any online partners you may work with, such as vendors, strategic alliances, etc. and see if they would be willing to do a link exchange at the blog level.  Then, have a solid plan for writing to your blog often, every week — if not, every day.  The content should be reviewed and edited by someone in your organization before posting.  To then drive readers to your blog you need to find where your readers are, whether on your site, at your newsletter or potentially on other sites and create a compelling outreach program where you are feeding bytes of blog content to other sites.  We work with blog owners often, obviously.  It is a pleasure for us to finally have the chance to develop this blog and I can tell you it takes commitment!

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