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One Main Reason to Attend the NY Xpo for Business 2009

August 20, 2009
This year there will be over 36 educational seminars and over 400 exhibits. Agent-cy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jasmine Sandler, will be presenting “Social Media as an element of Online PR – the NEW Hot Topic for 2010.”

Everyone who owns or has access to a computer around the world most likely knows about or has used social media as a way of either connecting to another person, group or community through such sites as Facebook, Myspace, Linked In and many other social networks. Businesses that have used social media as part of their online marketing plans know the power of community engagement around a brand and the balance it takes to drive home an authentic message. What some business owners and marketing managers are just now realizing is that Social Media is just one element of a more powerful way of connecting consumers to brand in an authentic, organic manner through Online PR. Online PR is the process of developing positive brand awareness around a company product or service online. The presentation she will deliver, (an interactive agency with a strong focus in both Social Media Marketing and Online PR), guides the marketer through how this process works. By providing definitions and client examples, Jasmine hopes that both small and mid-sized firms will learn how to take advantage of social media and Online PR so that they can grow their businesses online.

To register for the NY Xpo, largest and best business show in the northeast, click here.

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