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Getting Seen Online – The Importance of SEO for small businesses

May 13, 2010

I most often get asked, how can my audience find me online if I am a small business? Yes, there is certainly a saturation of the online media marketplace in virtually every industry. Take gaming for example. Did you know there are over 140,000 mobile games fighting for attention in game and entertainment blogs and web sites, in Google Search and in Social Media? So, how does 1 game developer gain attention? Besides having a real compelling selling proposition, any small business fighting for online visibility must spend every day creating content and relationships online in addition to creating good viral strategies and campaigns. This takes a lot of work. And so, initially what works best? A very sound SEO program. Most times online marketers ignore this investment or worse yet, try to do it on their own and fail. At Agent-cy we have helped tons of start ups and small businesses get seen online . In June are finally taking time to re-design and optimize our own web site! We can’t wait to show our audience how what we do for our clients, we do for ourselves! With this re-design, we will also be announcing to the public our low priced packaged services including optimal SEO. Contact us at for any questions on SEO or any other online marketing program.Agent-cy SEO services for small businessesAgent-cy SEO services for small businesses

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