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The Almost All You Need to Know About Facebook Guide

August 20, 2010

A Guide to Using Facebook for Marketing

If you are you asking yourself, How do I design a great Facebook page, How do I attract tons of fans, How do I make Facebook work for me? Then this article is a must read.

By even reading this article you recognize the power Facebook (and Social Media in general) has. You can join the conversation with millions of people and interact with others like never before. But to tap the full potential of Facebook, you need a strong presence. The process of making your Facebook page a business resource and marketing tool extraordinaire is tough, but with the proper guidance and tools, it is possible.

Once you have decided on a Social Media Marketing Strategy (I wrote a previous article on this here), designing your Facebook page to generate awareness and lead to sales is your next task. Having engaging content, standing out and overall, being a fun place to interact and socialize online are the keys. The following list of activities, applications and sites will help you generate a page that knocks your competitors out of the water and gives you a rock solid presence on one of the largest sites on the internet.

Up to Date Information: Remember to update your information. This seems like a no-brainer but users can tell when a page isn’t updated.

Frequent New Content: Just don’t add new content too often. Ever have or hear about friends or family who call, send letters or just try to contact you too often? They’re annoying. Updating too frequently provokes the same frustration. If users see too much from a site and have it crowd their News Feeds every day, they are more likely to cut ties from that page. However, posting too rarely doesn’t allow any kind of relationship to develop. Remember, not everyone who sees your post will take any action on it, so you have to strike a balance with content frequency. Try to shoot for 5-10 actions a week. Applications (which I mention later) can help with creating those actions. Remember, you need at least 5 responses (comments or “likes”) to appear on News feeds. So don’t be shy, get your friends and co-workers to get those first few actions.

Bonus Tip– Posting when you’re in free cell phone minutes time is the most effective way to gain the most views. Nights and weekends are a great way to break through the clutter since fewer competitors are posting during those times. Realize that most businesses are 9-5 weekday only companies, if you break the mold, you can reap the rewards.

Short and Sweet Copy: If it takes too long to read, or if it even looks like it will take too long to read, most Facebook users, you guessed it, won’t read it. There is a reason why Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, because too much text means you require too much attention, and attention doesn’t come cheap on Facebook. Make sure your copy says only what needs to be said. Pay attention to the space you’re writing in, and write about that only.

Don’t Over Do it: Your Facebook page is not your website, be comfortable with that. Also, do not try to do everything you can on Facebook. You don’t need every App, hundreds of pictures, or thousands of friends. Quality over quantity. Facebook is your brand embodied. It is your brand on a social level. It’s not a point of sale (for the most part), it is a place to gain brand recognition, awareness, develop relationships and establish trust. Facebook users are your followers and friends, remember that. They aren’t called customers (yet) for a reason.

Eye Catching and/or Branded Images: You don’t just have to have your logo as your profile picture. Have fun designing your own well-branded pictures or hire someone else to do it. Getting followers on Facebook is about standing out and making your page cool. Having great pictures is one of the easiest ways to do that. If you have a well-known product, use that ( If you’re trying to promote a particular item, make that your profile picture ( Your image doesn’t have to be as boring as Coca-Cola’s, though otherwise they have a great facebook page.

A landing page: Unless you follow social media closely, Facebook in particular, you may not know that major businesses don’t have you land at their Facebook Wall like you otherwise would. Instead, you land on a separate, branded, appealing and attractive page. Sites can greatly benefit from a landing page. First of all, you control what goes there and can therefore guide your users as you see fit. As much as Walls are cool, they are hardly branded and you never know just what horrifying post may be waiting to greet your next visitor. Furthermore, you gain credibility by going above and beyond the many other Facebook pages. You can find some landing page templates here:

Or here:

Complete FBML: Aka- Facebook Markup Language (like HTML, but for Facebook). It is used for creating more extensive, cooler looking profile page design that can use flash and have multiple tabs not found naturally on a Facebook page. This option is for businesses making a real push to have an outstanding Facebook page. This isn’t for everyone. While most, if not all, businesses should have a Facebook page, certain industries do not benefit as much. For them, a basic page with the other must have’s is good enough. For those who aim to be in the upper echelon of pages, these sites can do the trick.

Applications: Last, but certainly not least are applications in Facebook. Applications on your page can allow you to host a wide array of features on your site and will immediately increase your page quality by more than just a few notches. Again, remember tip 4, Don’t over do it, use some business sense and logic in determining which applications you will run and which you won’t.

This is the link to the applications directory.

The following are links to some of the best Facebook applications for your business. For your benefit, we scanned all 20 pages of the business applications directory and linked to the ones most likely to help your business

-Set up storefront on facebook.!/payvment?v=info

-Show resumes. Remember, this does not have to be just for job seekers, put your resume up as a way to gain credibility. Tailor it to what Facebook members want, remember; short, sweet, up to date.

-Creating contests, sweepstakes and quizzes. These are the best ways for generating user activity which is then broadcast on Walls and News Feeds promoting your Facebook page and driving awareness to the far corner of Facebook.!/FanAppz

-Contact forms.!/ctctjmml

-Post youtube Videos on your Facebook!/apps/application.php?id=103520946352747&v=info&ref=appd

– The apps these sites offer aren’t free. But sometimes the apps you want come at a price. Use at your own discretion.

– Connects your social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


-Email campaigns with MailChimp, users can sign up on Facebook

Now you have an excellent guide to simple Facebook marketing. The key now is execution. It takes time and effort to make social marketing work for any business. This is only a guide. To personalize the Facebook experience for your audience and create compelling content is up to you or you can ask the help of a social media professional or agency.

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  1. August 23, 2010 11:04 PM

    Excellent resource list…I would have liked to share it. Consider adding the tweetmeme or Get Social Live sharing button (or is it here and I don’t see it?)

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