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Golf as in Life -is A lesson

September 11, 2010

Ever have a really bad day on the course and wonder what went wrong? Your swing was too fast? You couldn’t keep your head down? You had about 11 failed attempts on the green? Well today was my lesson. Usually, I have some pretty strong confidence out there and am happy with a few above par; but today, my score, which I didn’t even count, as I reflected later, seemed to echo some things in my life. The fact that I was just trying to push through the next hole and hope for a perfect score was really ridiculous.  Golf, as in life, does not work this way. A few years ago a client who bet on a bad idea in a former business said to me when I asked him why he was still happy despite the loss of considerable money and time – you need to flow with life no matter where it takes you and remain calm – its just life. And so, today feeling rushed with many players ahead and behind, and, after a week of many tight deadlines and new business expenses, I was not in the flow at all. I was trying to cheat life and it gave me a bad score. The next time I am on the course, I will stop to feel the breeze and let my worries go- and flow with whatever the day brings.

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