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What is Your Online Reputation? Your Prospects Already Know.

December 5, 2010

online reputation management

Do you know what everyone does before they do business with you? They Google you. They review your Linked In profile, your Facebook page, your friends, your fans, your clients. They look at your web site. They spend hours finding reviews about you, your service, your products and how you compare with your competitors.They want to know what your online reputation is.

You may have met them, talked to them or never met them at all. A colleague was telling me the other day about a eye glass online retailer that was happy because he had made it to the top of the organic listings! What he didn’t realize is that he got there through bad customer reviews about his company’s products and service. The goal of a company or a person using the web for online branding  should not be just to drive awareness. But, it should be to grow positive brand awareness amongst their target audience. And so, how do you do this? Abate negative press, drive constant interest online, become a thought leader, manage daily content?

It all starts in what you do off-line, internally and in customer service. All across the board you must deploy ethics. In how you treat your employees, vendors, partners and your clients as well as how your employees treat your clients. When blogging for business was in its beginning stages with Fortune 100 companies in 2004, I was present at a panel which included the Marketing Manager for Sprint. She discussed how HR played a role in the development of the blog and how it was important to set rules around employee blogging. Some of these obviously important points have been lost in today’s over saturated social media race to gain fans and followers. The measurement of your online reputation is not how many , but the quality and good comments that follow your brand. So before you blast information on the web, take a hard thought about what you are going to say and who your audience is and what they want to hear.

We do it here at Agent-cy with our service, Online Reputation Strategy and Management. In it, we plan, manage, grow and protect our client’s online brand. Our clients know, as we do, that their reputation precedes them online.

Feel free to send in your questions and comments about your online reputation. We want to help.

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