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Using Social Media to Jump Start Your Revolution

February 7, 2011

In light of the current political turmoil in Cairo, Egypt, it is important to note the pivotal role social media has contributed in the jumpstart of the people’s revolution to bring down President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.  The violence stems from the discontent caused by Egypt’s economic situation, which has left many unemployed and in irreversible hardship.  The economic trouble coupled with general dissatisfaction toward Mubarak’s presidency has led young activist to outbreak in protest.

Social Media RevolutionThese young activist who have been seen storming the streets and demanding change, have conducted most of their organizing over social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  The Facebook group, “We are All Khaled Said,” named after an activist recently murdered in Alexandria last year, has attained over 80,000 followers.  With that many followers it is easy to see why the government would feel threatened enough to place blocks of Blackberry internet service, Facebook, and Twitter.  Even Egypt’s opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei has used Twitter to send messages of encouragement and optimism to his supporters.

There are several tools that allow these social media outlets to be such effective large-scale organizers.  The very nature of Twitter allows masses to follow the rants of a single person.  Furthermore, re-following allows planners to witness what people are doing with the information they have already set forth.  Cross promoting content between numerous social media outlets (i.e. Twitter to Facebook) increases the likelihood of information reaching other prospects through another social channel.  With the speed of which information can be shared through these means, it is easy to see how one could organize a revolution in mere moments.  Just be sure to do so in a country that permits freedom of speech.

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