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Finding our place as an agency – the perfect bridge between strategy, resources and client goals

October 19, 2011

Agent-cy is officially not a start-up! We are six years old and have survived the recession. I am happy to say that we are surviving and there is no looking back. This is attributed not only to persistence and hard work, but also really to the fact that we have found our sweet spot. Since we play well in the sandbox with other agencies and vendors, I find that we are in general the go to resource for small business owners and start-ups who find themselves with some funding and an online business idea and that’s it. Since we have built such an incredible network of agencies and partners, we can recommend, at no cost to our clients, the best full solution, which can go way off the online marketing track, to include photographers, accountants, warehouses, distribution networks, banks and payment processing deals and much much more. This has a lot to do with our sweet spot – pure, focused online marketing (and PR) strategy which results in a strong bond between agency and client, where we actualize client goals over time as a right-hand (online marketing) partner. There is really nothing we enjoy better than seeing both our clients and our partners succeed. We are currently taking our education on the road and will soon announce customized small business online marketing workshops. Stay tuned and have a great 4Q 2011!

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