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Hot off the online press…Agent-cy CEO Interview on Search Effectiveness

August 10, 2011

Just posted today, Ani Marketing, a colleague of Agent-cy, an interview with CEO of Agent-cy, Jasmine Sandler, covers Search Engine Marketing effectiveness. If you are unsure what you need to know to have an optimized, balanced search program, read this blog interview and let us know if you would like a free Search Marketing consult as a next step by e-mailing Agent-cy at



What is Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?

June 27, 2011

mobile marketing, online marketing, marketing strategy

With smartphones leading the pack in how we interact with each other, online resources and share content, it is essential that you have a mobile strategy for delivering and sharing content about your business.

So, what is your mobile strategy? Does your business need one? Have you thought how your audience uses their mobile device to search and find information that may be relevant to your product or service? Is there a specific piece of content on your current web site which drives the most user interaction? Perhaps that content can be re-created as an app for the Droid or the Iphone/Ipad?Is your website mobile or IOS ready? Have you tested your site and content, perhaps even as placed on other web sites(video, articles, photos) to see how it appears on a 3rd screen? Are you making use of QRCode technology in your offline advertising to entice your target audience to use their mobile device to use and share your product offers? Do you know what it is and why it works? Have you budgeted for mobile marketing? How much do you know about text and mobile media advertising? Is this a part of your overall marketing plan?

If you are having a hard time answering the questions above, then you would benefit from a mobile marketing analysis. Agent-cy offers this 30 minute call free of charge. Contact us today to schedule at

Reminder to Register for this Tuesday’s Impact of Social Media on Search

May 21, 2011

Looking to drive up your search visibility for business driving keywords? Need a solid SEO strategy? Need to understand how to effectively use social media to increase your rank in search and drive customer/client engagement? Then you won’t want to miss Jasmine Sandler, CMO of Agent-cy Online Marketing this week as she delivers a very action-oriented class on “The Impact of Social Media on Search.” Register now to reserve your spot. Details and sign up at

What is Conversion Optimization and Why You Need it

May 2, 2011

Online marketing for most non-marketing folk has traditionally equated to “traffic building” and “lead generation.” Finally, we are seeing C-levels try to understand how to now take that good traffic and turn it into sales. Agent-cy has always had a 360 approach to online marketing as is our methodology – Strategy to Content to Placement to Conversion On site. In the last few months, as an agency focused on online audience development, we are happy to announce a strategic partnership with Ciplex, a 2 time Inc 500 web design agency focused on Conversion Optimization. And so, if you are in any way related to e-commerce or online lead generation, it would benefit you to have a Usability Analysis and know that conversion optimization is an ongoing process and for to keep improving your user experience you should always analyze and perform. We can give you our 2 cents on a quick free consult call and are happy to do so.  These are arranged via e-mail to

Agent-cy Announces New Web Site and Pay For Performance SEO

March 21, 2011

After 5 years in business, Agent-cy has a new web site that truly tells the story of where we are and where we are going, as an agency that provides online visibility and strategy to drive conversion to local, small businesses nationally. Nevermind, that we provide an agency level of service at consultant prices. To that end, we now formally announce a pay for performance model for SEO – we now guarantee or your money back, top ranking in SEO. We provide free estimates as well. More pay for performance services will be announced soon. Make sure you check

The Impact of Social Media on Search – Q&A

February 10, 2011

26 brand marketers and members of ASM attended a presentation by Jasmine Sandler, Online Marketing Consultant and owner of Agent-cy Online Marketing today. A great Q&A followed the presentation, The Impact of Social Media on Search

Questions and Jasmine’s answers: 

1. How do I start using social media?

Answer: You must have a social media strategy that will support and strengthen your brand. First you must decide why you are using social media? Is it to engage with your customers/clients; to reveal market position? to drive product promotions? to provide real-time customer support? to protect your brand image?

Once you decide then you must get all stakeholders to agree on the theme, the types of content, the resources and the frequency, including priorities and channels. 

2. How can I stop negative press in social media?

Answer: If you want to play in the social game, you must have an online reputation plan defined. You must have a representative of your company ready to to tackle bad press and communicate directly to those sources. To be proactive, use social media to promote the good will your company is doing – to partners, vendors, clients and the community. 

3. Should I have a Facebook page if I am a B2B company?

Absolutely. Facebook is quickly becoming the #1 website in the world. You need to be there. As a precaution, make sure your brand is delivered in a way that compliments your website. Also, make sure you have someone on staff or an outsourced marketing person or agency to manage these communications with a plan in mind as to the types of content you will share. 

4. Should I have separate blogs if I have separate services and separate experts on those subjects?

Yes, for SEO purposes remember relevance and quality. If on one blog you are talking about pediatrics and another on neurology, these sites deserve their own separate relevant links and related content. This will help SEO as well as user interaction. 

5. Should a marketing agency manage my social media or should we do it alone?

As any successful business owner knows, stick to your core competencies in order to succeed. This goes for social media. The best scenario is to have a very collaborative relationship with your agency so that they are well versed in what matters to you, your clients, customers, partners, vendors and community.

6. How do we track success in social media?

There are many social media metrics. Most important, as stressed in my presentation today, is that Google is concerned with Quality over Quantity. And so, the quality of your connections/followers/fans, the quality and reputation of authors and those who re-tweet, share and comment on your postings are crucial. Overall, social is a branding tool, so in that it protects, strengthens and grows your brand is how it is measured.

Feel free to contact Jasmine Sandler, Online Marketing consultant and President of Agent-cy Online Marketing ( with any other questions at

Using Social Media to Jump Start Your Revolution

February 7, 2011

In light of the current political turmoil in Cairo, Egypt, it is important to note the pivotal role social media has contributed in the jumpstart of the people’s revolution to bring down President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.  The violence stems from the discontent caused by Egypt’s economic situation, which has left many unemployed and in irreversible hardship.  The economic trouble coupled with general dissatisfaction toward Mubarak’s presidency has led young activist to outbreak in protest.

Social Media RevolutionThese young activist who have been seen storming the streets and demanding change, have conducted most of their organizing over social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  The Facebook group, “We are All Khaled Said,” named after an activist recently murdered in Alexandria last year, has attained over 80,000 followers.  With that many followers it is easy to see why the government would feel threatened enough to place blocks of Blackberry internet service, Facebook, and Twitter.  Even Egypt’s opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei has used Twitter to send messages of encouragement and optimism to his supporters.

There are several tools that allow these social media outlets to be such effective large-scale organizers.  The very nature of Twitter allows masses to follow the rants of a single person.  Furthermore, re-following allows planners to witness what people are doing with the information they have already set forth.  Cross promoting content between numerous social media outlets (i.e. Twitter to Facebook) increases the likelihood of information reaching other prospects through another social channel.  With the speed of which information can be shared through these means, it is easy to see how one could organize a revolution in mere moments.  Just be sure to do so in a country that permits freedom of speech.